Security, Risk & Compliance

In today’s world of ingenious fraud schemes and commonplace data breaches, risk and compliance are hot topics. APPS protects you and your merchants with best-in-class risk and compliance management solutions that reduce risk and exposure, as well as the potential for financial and other penalties that can be levied by the regulatory bodies and the card brands.

KYC Due Diligence

  • Pre-boarding know your customer intelligence results in better risk evaluations and underwriting decisions
  • Deep web data gathering for 60+ risk factors, including credit reporting, TIN, EIN, TMF, MATCH, OFAC, illicit, prohibited and illegal activity, and more
  • Consolidated information presentment to underwriting with automated merchant risk scoring
  • Continuous post-boarding monitoring alerts underwriters to merchants deviating from information their merchant accounts were originally approved upon
  • Simplifies merchant due diligence and risk evaluation process
  • Protecting your business while saving time and money
  • Risk Monitoring

  • Reduces risk exposure by identification and tracking risk parameters throughout the process, from authorization and capture to clearing and settlement. A dashboard allows you to view information and set risk profiles at the portfolio or merchant level.

PCI Compliance

  • Comprehensive, automated functionality addresses all PCI DSS requirements, while defending against hackers and malware in a cost effective, easy format
  • Centralized, integrated and on demand technology helps merchants achieve and maintain PCI DSS compliance day in and day out
  • Patented visual wizard technology makes compliance attestation quick and easy by eliminating irrelevant assessment questions for individual merchant processing environments
  • Intelligent question field population yields greater assessment response accuracy and higher completion rates
  • Payment security awareness activity calendaring helps merchants stay compliant all year long
  • On-demand training provides education to reduce employee negligence and protects merchant reputation in breach situations
  • Around-the-clock call center and email support provides assistance when it’s needed the most
  • Ready-made business policies and procedures help merchants effortlessly implement data security practices
  • Activity logging creates a “credible defense” posture in the event of a data of a data incident to soften or
    alleviate penalties

Data Protection

  • Helps stop fraud before it happens
  • Can block and/or decline fraudulent transactions prior to authorization
  • Identifies devices disguising their location, as well as other indicators of identity theft
  • Monitors account activity, login process, payments and other transactions
  • Helps screen and validate users, differentiating between legitimate customers and potential cybercriminals