Swift, Reliable, Authorization & Capture Services

Authorization and Capture Platform provides your merchants with dependability and up time.

With our flexible and advanced technology, we can easily support all the associations.

Increases in transaction volumes can be readily embraced, so you can help your merchants scale quickly and efficiently anywhere in the world as their business grows.

  • Card Associations
  • PIN-Debit Networks
  • Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)
  • Gift Cards
  • Private-Label
  • Authorization & Capture
  • Clearing & Settlement
  • Chargeback Processing
  • Risk & Compliance
  • Partner Programs

Flexible & Robust Switching Technology

Proprietary Switching combines authorization and reporting functionalities creating the ultimate omni-channel experience combining retail & offline and multi-regional analytics.

Terminal certification capabilities creates a wide variety of connectivity options, make reaching any endpoint destination around the globe leveraging our technology.

Industrial-strength technology is absolutely reliable, with proactive monitoring and redundancy designed for no single point of failure and maximum payment processing availability.

  • Rapid POS Certifications
  • Increase Transaction Revenue
  • Payment Innovation
  • API Integrations