A full alternative to traditional payment acquiring solutions

APPS also offers a full alternative to traditional payment acquiring solutions, with its Payment Facilitator platform called Paynomix. The Paynomix Payment Facilitator platform was built by payments guys who are recognized within the payment world as forward thinkers and “always one-step ahead” with creating and using the newest payment technology. The landscape of payments is undergoing a dramatic transformation influenced by globalization, technology regulation and disruptors. We have been the disruptors and now we offer you a chance to be one too.

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The payment facilitator platform was created to meet the ever-changing needs of the payment space, and the needs to quickly and easily payment enable different products and services for Merchants to offer to their customers.  It is not unusual for a merchant to have several different customer facing solutions each tied to a different payment acceptance methods and processing account.   Our Paynomix Payment Facilitation program has taken this to a new level.

We offer our clients a completely brandable payment platform, with branded payment technology, and checkout descriptors, enabling you to keep better brand and time to mark control with your clients.  You can embed the Paynomix platform into your platforms in minutes to accept payments, and your customer can use our online application process to be signed in even less time.

Lastly, we have designed paynomix from the ground up around our Omnichannel platform, and Tokenization system.  All of our Payment Facilitator clients have access to eCommerce, and EMV terminal solution that allow for catching a client’s customers once and then enabling them to seamlessly accept payments whenever and however they want going forward without needing their credit card or ACH information again.

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Seamless Integration

Whether you are starting your payments offering or adding to your existing infrastructure, our team of payments experts will seamlessly integrate our software into your business.

Groundbreaking End- To- End Platform

Our conciliatory platform provides you with all the tools you need to fully manage the payments experience for your customers.

Paynomix was constructed to change how you approach payments.

Eliminating unnecessary layers and hassle, we handle the requirements and provide our modernized technology to enable you to embed payments and offer processing capabilities online, in person and on the go. To meet the needs of ever changing payment landscape.

Optimization and Holistic approach to Payments.

Within your technology software from onboarding to payout Paynomix is as much for you as for you customer who can quickly sign-up, streamline processes and leverage in depth reporting.

Paynomix offers Developer-friendly API

Our skilled developer our payment developers and understand the ever changing payments landscape and work daily to enhance our platform to keep up with the changes that our clients need to stay ahead of their change business.

Why Paynomix Payment Facilitator platform matters.

•  No more outsourcing your payments
•  Complete Brand control
•  New revenue stream
•  Omni Channel Payments
•  eCommerce, Card Present EMV, ACH and more in one solution

Why Paynomix Payment Facilitator platform?

Do you outsource your payments?

Companies that outsource payments to third-party service provider miss out on significant revenue from their client’s payments transactions and give up control in the process. We help you take back control.

Our Payments facilitator Platform

laser-focused on the merchant experience a better more frictionless boarding process is our lifeblood. And we adhere to new rules without making the onboarding process more unwieldy.

We are always innovating.

Paynomix is always discovering new ways to improve and monetize our services and drive millions in new revenue to our payment facilitators clients and ISV who use our platform to experience significant growth.

Payment Experts

Our team will guide you and give you ongoing training and oversight so you continue to focus on what makes you successful.

Our Solution offers a fully integrated, White label, Hybrid platform

What that means for you…

• Recurring revenue
• Simplified boarding
• White-labeled customizable
• Control of customer’s experience
• Reporting insights

What it means for your customer…

• Seamless, easy sign-up
• Omnichannel payments acceptance
• Transparent fees and pricing
• Comprehensive reporting
• One point of contact.

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