An integrated approach to integrated payments

Stop handing your customer to competitors.  Keep your customers, protect your Brand, and earn revenue by expanding your software offering with payment acceptance. Adding payments to your software makes your product 10 times stickier for your clients, helping them stay with you longer.

  • Referral
    • White glove service for your merchant portfolio, you find, we solve.
    • Proprietary Booking & Boarding Platform: APPSOS
      • Dashboard
      • Boarding & Maintenance
      • Reporting – Merchant and Acquirer
        • Ease of use, 3-clicks to anything
        • Daily Batches, Deposits, Statements
      • Custom Reporting capabilities
      • Online-only Chargeback management
    • Best-in-class Residual Reporting – maximum transparency
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Stop the crazy! Add payments to your software in 20 minutes or less.

Whether you need to add EMV payments or simple eCommerce, our Cloud Payment (Hyper Link to POS Cloud Connect) platform will have you live and testing in minutes. 

  • Complete Omnichannel Tokenization from EMV to CNP
  • Single API to Process in 80 plus countries around the world in local currencies
  • Immediate Lab Access
  • Talk to an Integration specialist on the Phone, Chat or Email
  • Access preconfigured code
  • Dedicated Sandbox and testing tools

What do you need?  We support all of the following and more.  Get on with a payment specialist and well help you design a custom solution to meet your clients needs.

ISV is the new ISO!

Now, you can take advantage of adding payments into your software, and recognize several additionally benefits from it:

Designing and building custom customer specific software is the world of now. Designing software to meet specific customer needs is mission critical when creating a new software company or enhancing an existing solution. The integration of payments into your software has become a necessity more than a nicety. Embedded payment acceptance drives customer stickiness for both you the ISV, as well as for your clients using the software you have designed.

Acquiring Programs

  • Traditional
    • Dedicated MID and TID for every merchant
  • Payment Facilitator
    • Dedicated MID for ISV, with TID for each Customer

Types of payment acceptance solutions:

  • eCommerce
    • Iframe
    • API
    • Custom
  • Card Present and EMV
    • POS Cloud Connect
      • JSON, .Net, C++, C#, SOAP, and others
    • POS Terminal Solutions
      • PAX, Ingenico, Verifone, IDTech, BBPOS and others
    • Mobile
      • APK Code Library
      • IOS Code Library
      • Angular, Node, and other
    • Contactless and NFC
      • Apple Pay
      • Samsung Pay
      • Google Pay
    • Unattended, Kiosk
    • IoT
    • Enterprise ERP
    • Accounting
    • And so much more…

Specialized Payment Solutions

  • Cash Discount
  • Omnichannel Acceptance
  • Single Merchant Tokenization
  • Multi-Merchant Universal Tokenization
  • Recurring Billing
  • Incremental Billing
  • Membership billing
  • Convenience Fee
    • Convenience Fee
    • Site Fee
    • Service Fee
  • P-Card Level 2 and Level 3
  • ACH, eCheck, Check21

Explore APPS for your business.

Explore APPS Payments Solutions or create an account to instantly start accepting payments. You can also contact us to design a custom package for your business.

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