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Gain access to our suite of FREE developer tools, POS Cloud Connect for EMV and mobile, multiple language APIs and sandboxes for any industry type, payment certification lab, EMV testing tools, developer terminals, accounting and ERP integrations, retail and restaurant plugs and so much more.  We are payment specialists, not just a bunch of API aggregators who only talk to you over email.

True payments start with understand the payment ecosystem, not just eCommerce.  Which is why our team of developers will get on the phone, email or chat with you to help create, build and design the solutions you needed, and bring out expertise to the table to help.

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The Sandbox

For coders and developers are the APIs and the sandbox that is available to everyone and supports everything from ecommerce solutions through to EMV certifications for payment terminals. The platform supports a complete certification sandbox written by and for developers in payments. We support SOAP, XML, REST, C, C# and more.

Our REST APIs have been designed to be as intuitive as possible – whether coding a payment form for the first time our an experienced programmer, APPS has the APIs and pre-configured code generator that can make it easy to accept payments in your mobile app, website, hosted checkout page, or even POS Cash Register system. Our goal is to provide developers with the tools they need to and the support required. This is all done with the following…

• Pre-Configured Toolkits,
• Testing SandBox
• Live Coding Support on Skype, Email and Phone. to ensure a seamless work and support environment for our merchants and developers.

The Sandbox environment includes:

• SOAP, XML and REST Gateway API and knowledgebase FAQ’s and LMS
• Sample Code
• Code Generator with Sample Scripts, sample card data, values and response codes to test all possible transaction scenarios
• Run test transactions in a live sandbox environment and get real-time responses
• Instant integrator and Developer Credentials
• Self-certification on eCommerce
• Personalized Live support and live certifications with our development team for Swipe, EMV and Terminal certifications.
• PCI Compliance resources and tools API;s designed to reduce or remove you from PCI PADSS compliance.

Know Your Industry.
It’s Critical In Payments.

Our APIs Support Multiple Industry types. Not all transactions are made the same. In fact most transactions are not the same in the U.S… It is critical that when coding to a payment gateway or payment processing platform that you understand that some industries have special certifications, and specific variables that have to be sent in with the transaction string to qualify for the best Interchange qualification.   If you code an application for a retail merchant and a hotel uses it, it can have a very significant impact on that merchant’s bottom line, as the transactions will not qualify correctly for that merchant’s interchange categories, and therefore downgrade all of their transactions and cost the merchant un-do downgrade costs on every transaction.

It is very important that you understand which merchant might need to have special coding done to support their specific industry type, and what variables and certifications are required.  Our team of payment professional are specifically trained to help our developers select, code and certify to the right APIs and right payment methods before ever sending a client live. Among the certifications that we support for our developers and merchant are:

• Ecommerce
• Retail
• Restaurant
• Hotel /Motel
• Mobile
• Phone
•  Unattended
• Legacy ECR, Cash Register
• Business 2 Business
• Purchase Card Level 2
• Purchase card Level 3
• Airline
• Specialized Verticals
• Car Rental
• Travel and Airlines
• Business 2 Business
• Business 2 Government
• Utility and Education Billing
• Small Ticket
• Large Ticket / GSA
• Supermarket
• Petroleum

Not all platforms support all types of merchants. It is also important to know what payment processor you or your merchant has their merchant account with. Sometime some platforms do not support the specific merchant type and certification you are looking to do with them.

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