Looking to become an ISO?
Looking to migrate forward to a BIN?

Or just looking for better pricing and much better booking, boarding, reporting, and most of all responsive client services you need to help you grow.  APPS has the experienced payment professional, tools, platforms, and sponsorship program you need to be successful in your payment endeavors.

APPS has been providing ISO and BIN sponsorships for more than a decade now.  We have helped our clients grow from being an Agent, to an ISO and into their own BIN.  Our core APPSOS (Hyper Link to APPSOS) platform provides are our clients with everything they need.  We are not a Bank, and we are not a legacy processor, we are a true FinTech company, who believes Financial Data, and access to technology comes first.  We do everything to empower you, or ISO’s and BIN’s, with access to the products, services, and data you need to be successful.

  • APPS has built a team with decades of experience in ISO portfolio management and conversions. Our focus on dedicated team members and easy-to-use technology allows our clients to focus on growing their business.
    • A-la-carte technology and service offerings to meet you where you are.
    • Best-in-class Residual Reporting – maximum transparency
  • Proprietary Booking & Boarding Platform APPSOS
    • GUI or API-capable
    • White-label
    • Dashboard
    • Boarding & Maintenance
    • Reporting – Merchant and Acquirer
      • Ease of use, 3-clicks to anything
      • Daily Batches, Deposits, Statements
    • Custom Reporting capabilities
    • Online-only Chargeback management
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Who we are

For more than a decade, we have designed, deployed and managed a complete Acquiring Solution Platform Architecture (ASPA). We have designed and created our APPSOS platform for our clients everything they need from the ability to code directly to our platform API’s for direct data access to, a complete SaaS UI that provides all of the necessary capabilities and access to transaction level data for Booking, Boarding, Authorization, Clearing, Settlement, as well as Accounting, Reporting, and Residuals. Then we have made this into a Private Label SaaS system that also allows our clients access to 1000’s of Integration points, gateways, POS terminals, Payment Processors and POS Devices.

APPS is registered as a direct processor with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express (collectively, “Card Brands”), Visa Extended Access (EA), Visa Direct Exchange (DEX), and MasterCard Interface Processors (MIPs) with support of Indirect Processors (ISOs), as well as several ODFI registrations for cleaning and settlement of ACH and Check transactions.

We provide the critical systems and modules that help Financial Institutions, Banks, Acquirers, ISOs, ISVs, and Independent Contractors manage and maintain all Sponsoring Banks, Bins, and Processing Portfolios. The modules cover all aspects of Acquiring, which include Clearing for Transactions, Merchant Deposits, Interchange, Daily Balancing and Reconciliation, Interchange Outgoing Card Brands, and integrated Chargeback Processing Services.

• Clearing & Settlement
• Back Office
• Data Manager
• Fraud Manager

Helping you decide what you need

We believe that transparency is the key to simplicity. The APPS Tokenization Platform makes it simple for you to add and change payment providers without having to recode web service messaging.

By simply coding to one of our Tokenization API’s you can offload any kind of data you want to our Tokenization platform for storage, use and retrieval when and how you need it. Our Agnostic Universal Tokenization (AUT) service replaces the PAN, or any other data element you want to store with a reference Token and returns that token to you for use when and how you want. In payments we specifically store your PAN and PII data in the Token Vault, along with any other data needed to optimize your transactions with your payment processing provider, including Purchase Card data (See Data Optimization).

Then when you need the data, we can return it to you, or send it to the many different payment gateways we are connected to around the world. Therefore, keeping your data secure and safe.