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Let us help you take our expertise and industry knowledge even further. We provide certified Acquiring Processing Software to the Card Associations, giving us the ability to offer you a suite of products designed specifically for Developers, ISVs, ISOs, Financial Institutions, Wholesale and Full-Service ISOs and BINs.  As the processing platforms providers continue to consolidate and others Processors discontinue their ISO and BIN Programs, this presents an immeasurable opportunity for us to be your partner of choice.  We are expanding these programs every day, and are on the forefront of adding newer ways to enable you to offer payment solutions to your clients.  By taking away all the pain points of working with large processors and organizations, we have simplified and tailored our products and services to help you succeed.

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Join our community of Developer Partners today.

Gain access to our suite of FREE developer tools, POS Cloud Connect for EMV and Mobile, Multiple language API’s and Sandbox’s for any industry type, certification Lab, EMV Testing tools, developer terminals, accounting and ERP integrations, Retail and Restaurant plugs and so much more.  We are payment specialist, not just a bunch of API aggregators who only talk to you over email.

True payments start with understand the payment ecosystem, not just eCommerce.  Which is why our team of developers will get on the phone, email or chat with you to help create, build and design the solutions you needed, and bring out expertise to the table to help.

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An integrated approach to integrated payments

Stop handing your customer to competitors.  Keep your customers, protect your Brand, and earn revenue by expanding your software offering with payment acceptance. Adding payments to your software makes your product 10 times stickier for your clients, helping them stay with you longer.

Stop the crazy… Add payments to your software in 20 minutes or less.  Whether you need to add EMV payments or simple eCommerce, our Cloud Payment  platform will have you live and testing in minutes.

  • Complete Omnichannel Tokenization from EMV to CNP
  • Single API to Process in 80 plus countries around the world in local currencies
  • Immediate Lab Access
  • Talk to an Integration specialist on the Phone, Chat or Email
  • Access preconfigured code
  • Dedicated Sandbox and testing tools

What do you need?  We support all of the following and more.  Get on with a payment specialist and well help you design a custom solution to meet your clients needs.

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The Agent Program.
Take the next step to financial freedom

Looking to breakout on your own, been building portfolio for others for years and want to take it to the next step, we are here to help you succeed.  We have a suite of solutions to help experienced Payment professional’s breakout out on their own.  With our APPSOS platform (hyperlink) we enable you with completed booking, board, tracking, reporting, and residual system.

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Looking for a new home?
Want to be an ISO or BIN?

Looking to become an ISO?  Looking to migrate forward to a BIN?  Or just looking for better pricing and much better booking, boarding, reporting, and most of all responsive client services you need to help you grow.  APPS has the experienced payment professional, tools, platforms, and sponsorship program you need to be successful in your payment endeavors.

APPS has been providing ISO and BIN sponsorships for more than a decade now.  We have helped our clients grow from being an Agent, to an ISO and into their own BIN.  Our core APPSOS (Hyper Link to APPSOS) platform provides are our clients with everything they need.  We are not a Bank, and we are not a legacy processor, we are a true FinTech company, who believes Financial Data, and access to technology comes first.  We do everything to empower you, or ISO’s and BIN’s, with access to the products, services, and data you need to be successful.

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Terminals, IoT, AR & VR Payment Enablement

Are you Building, Designing and Deploying new terminals, IoT Devices, or a New Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality Platform, and need to commerce enable it?

We have created the solution for you.  Or Omnichannel Universal Tokenization Platform allow you to enroll a customer once and allow them a seamless payment experience.  Every IoT application is built on an ecosystem of hardware, software designed to solve a problem, or provide a service and we have the sandbox, API’s and seamless payment experience your looking to add.

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VAR: Integrations & Integrators

Whether you are an integrator or looking for an integration get access to our marketplace of existing Legacy POS System, ERP, Accounting, and other payment integrated solutions.  We have a long history of working with some o the biggest legacy software platforms in the world, and can enable you with the integrations you need to be successful, or connect your platform to us as solution for others to have access to.

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