Abraham Maghaguian

As President and Chief Executive Officer, Abe instills a client-first mentality which has enabled APPS to become a leading FinTech company. Under Abe’s leadership, he has created the APPS Omnichannel payment centric SaaS platform that centralizes all points of interaction between our clients, merchants, and customers. This architecture has allowed APPS to accrue record YoY growth for more than a decade, and established APPS as a leader in the payment space.

Abe has held executive leadership roles for over twenty years as a CEO, President, and senior executive in the payments industry. Abe approaches his leadership from his extensive experience in finance and operations, which has allowed to build many successful business development channels for international and domestic merchant service providers. After joining APPS over 10 years ago Abe wanted to facilitate his goal of establishing a truly client centric platform, that could fundamentally change how payments systems are design, deployed and managed.

Now, after successfully transitioning APPS into a leading FinTech, APPS continues to expand upon its growth model though strategic partnerships, acquisitions, and most importantly hiring the top talent in the payments and technology. Today, APPS is a full-service merchant acquirer with the ability to also allow third-party processing for ACH. APPS has established itself as an Omni-channel platform focused on development and delivery of strategic initiatives, and Abe’s plan for a client driven model has continuously succeeded by bringing on new partnerships and strategic relationships to further enhance and develop APPS into a first tier organization solidifying the delivering and servicing of clients’ specific needs.

Two of Abe’s most recent accomplishments by Q1 of 2019 was APPS’s partnership with Visa direct as a CRM to Visa owned gateways ( while the other was the successful completion of a front end/CRM from South America to North America as a full functioning Platform.

Abe earned his undergraduate and MBA degree from Concordia University in Irvine, California. He currently serves on the Dean’s Advisory Board for the school.

Abe shares Rich’s passion for charitable endeavors and is actively involved with Teen Challenge and Convoy of Hope.

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