Take a merchants Cash Register, SaaS application, or web browser completely out of the PCI nightmare once and for all.

With POS Cloud Connector you can now take a merchants Cash Register, SaaS application or web browser completely out of the PCI nightmare once and for all,   With POS Cloud Connect the merchants cash register can be freed from the security nightmares, viruses, keyboard loggers, and security updates that merchants don’t understand.  Now the merchants POS Cash register or other software requiring payment acceptance can talk directly to secure cloud which subsequently talks to the terminal at your checkout with no additional cables, integrations, or downloads.

Once the encrypted string reaches the POS-CC Level 1 PCI environment, a call can be made to decrypt the string and send the data to the corresponding gateway and processor.  If the processor is also the provider of the P2Pe keys, then the encrypted string can also be sent to them.

Once a transaction has been processed, the POS-CC returns a Token back to the Merchant’s POS system for future Void, Refunds or add on sales on the merchants Web Site, Mobile application or other point of purchasing interaction.  This Token is the KEY to a successful Omnichannel experience for the customer and is securely stored in a payment gateway.

Take your environment to being only a SAQ Self-assessment questionary today.

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