Manage your all of your resellers and merchant with one login top down hierarchy view.

The APPS Platform combined with the POS-CC semi-integrated solution provides the network connectivity, integrations, API’s and tools necessary to book, board, track, bill and report on all of  your merchants.   The APPS platform and the suite of tools you will have access to allow you to manage your all of your resellers and merchant with one login top down hierarchy view.

The hierarchy reporting system allows both the reseller and the merchant a top down dashboard view. The merchant and reseller can create canned or custom reports on all their merchants, location and transactions being processed in real-time or over a specified period.   As well as apply fraud controls at the transaction level, and the ability to assign users at all levels of the hierarchy who can create their own hierarchy permission-based reports as assigned by the Admin user.

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Hierarchy Platform Layout: Hierarchy Controls & Reporting:

Tokenization is the process of replacing sensitive data with unique identification symbols that retain all the essential information without compromising its security. Tokenization technology can, in theory, be used with sensitive data of all kinds including bank transactions, medical records, criminal records, vehicle driver information, loan applications, stock trading and voter registration. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, an industry-wide standard that used by any organization processing credit cards, mandates that credit card data cannot be stored at the point-of-sale, on your computer in a file, or written down on any surface in your place of business, after a transaction has been completed. Tokenization was developed to meet this mandate, replacing credit card numbers in the Point-of-Sale, websites, mobile phones, with a 16-digit, randomly generated number resembling a credit card number. A token consists of alphanumeric characters, typically containing the last four digits of the card number, which represent miscellaneous cardholder data specific to the transaction underway.

In the payments industry, Tokenization has become a popular means of bolstering the security of electronic transactions while minimizing the complexity of compliance with industry standards and government regulations.

When an authorization request is made to verify the legitimacy of the transaction, the token is returned to the merchant instead of the card number, along with the authorization code for the transaction. The token is stored in the POS/PMS while the actual cardholder data is stored off-site in a secure, PCI compliant data center [9]. The token is the only information that a merchant needs to store on-site, and is all they need to conduct multiple transactions, recurring billing procedures, incremental authorizations, etc.

Each terminal has different features that work differently based upon the merchant vertical the terminal is being deployed into.  PrismPay has designed the POS Cloud Connect to provide tools to both the merchant and the ISV that will allow them to better control and update their POS Terminals, as well as track and report processing activity.

Each of the POS Terminals we are currently working with are designed to offer different features and functions based upon market verticals.  Collectively the platform has been designed to support most verticals including but not limited to:

  • Retail with
    • Signature Capture
    • Summary display
    • Line item display
    • Tax Adjustment
    • Custom receipts with Line Items
    • Ads and Coupons
    • Gift & Loyalty Programs
    • Email and Text Receipts
  • Restaurants Including QSR, Fine Dining, Counter Payment, Drive through and Unattended, with
    • Legacy POS Integrations
    • POS Device ordering
    • Pay @ The Table with on screen tip Selection
    • Receipt Signature with Tip Adjust
    • Tip Adjust
    • Custom receipts with Line Items
    • Ads and Coupons
    • Gift & Loyalty Programs
    • Email and Text Receipts
  • Hospitality Integrations with HPS Systems
  • Spa and Salon
    • Ads and Coupons
    • Gift & Loyalty Programs
    • Email and Text Receipts
  • Healthcare and Pharmacy
    • HIPPA Forms
    • Line Item Displays
    • Government and Municipality
    • Convenience Fees

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