Developers, meet our POS Cloud Connect Platform.

Our POS Cloud Connect (POS-CC) platform gives Developers the freedom to quickly enable payments across any platform by adding eCommerce, Keys, Card Swipe and EMV & Non-EMV bankcard transactions in a PCI Compliant manner without the need for a .DLL to drive the hardware connected to the POS system.

Let’s talk about integrated payments

The POS Cloud Connect.
A new way to communicate with a POS terminal.

 The POS Cloud Connect (POS-CC) streamlines how a Cash Register (ECR), SaaS, Web Browser checkout, or other platform requiring a payment integration can free itself from the nonsense of weeks of coding to a POS terminal, PCI-DSS certification, ongoing support of terminals in the field, creating and deploying new features and the myriad of other problems traditional terminal integrations cause.

Now for something completely new…The POS Cloud Connect (POS-CC) platform has been designed to work with multiple POS Terminals including PAX, Ingenico, Verifone, IDTech, and Exadigm Terminals, Pin Pads, Mobile Hardware, and even unattended devices.

When integration is needed for an existing Point of Sale solution, POS Connect terminal applications allows for true Pay at the Table, Pay at the Counter and Pay in the Field solutions.

The POS Cloud Connect supports an Omnichannel Platform

Pay at the Table

Counter Payments

Drive-through Payments

Delivery of Goods

Ride-Hailing & Delivery

Front office to back office fulfillment with payment collection

Mobile & Responsive Applications



POS Cloud Connect provides a PCI Level 1 Cloud Platform that securely and seamlessly allows POS Terminal to talk with a merchants software, and transmit the card holder PII and PAN data to any front-end processors


All of our POS Terminals are coded to our cloud platform.  From there the terminals are directly certified to multiple front-end processing platforms, including, TSYS, Global Payments, First Data, Chase Paymentech, WorldPay and many more.


The POS Terminals support keyed, swipe, EMV, NFC, Apple Pay, pin debit, gift and loyalty, EBT, crypto currencies, even ACH and many other features.


The POS-CC is designed allows for complete control of the POS terminals in the field, update the terminals when necessary, drive new applications and make changes to all aspects of the payment checkout process remotely.


The platform works seamlessly with any P2Pe (Point-to-Point Encryption) solution as the P2Pe keys are injected directly into the terminals, which communicate back to the POS Cloud Connect platform, and to the processors.

Connect the Cash Register, SaaS, Mobile, Shopping Cart, or other checkout methods with a POS terminal.

The POS-CC uses its proprietary payment cloud system to connect the Cash Register (ECR), SaaS, Mobile, Shopping Cart, or other checkout methods with a POS terminal.  The All POS-CC platform supports device communication from the checkout to the terminal over LAN, WIFI, GPRS, CDMA, 3G, 4G an 5G connection methods allowing for complete freedom for the POS terminal.  All the terminals talk directly to the Payment Cloud, therefore no PAN data is ever sent through the POS cash Register System again, while enabling the return of an omnichannel payment token to the platform and merchant.

Let’s talk about integrated payments

Add Payments to Your Business Model.

Learn how to enhance your business model by using payment integrations and payment processing solutions to enable a new revenue stream or complement an existing one. Looking to provide merchant acquiring with direct ISO program, or adding a quick launch Payment Facilitator solution as part of your software platform? We have the programs and tools to help you.

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POS Connect has been designed, coded, and certified to all major processing platforms in the U.S. that support EMV devices and certifications.

  • TSYS
    • Sierra
    • Transit
  • Global Payments
  • Heartland
  • FiServe First Data
    • Rapid Connect, North (CES), Nashville, Omaha,
  • Chase Paymentech
    • Tampa
  • FIS Worldpay / Vantiv
    • Vantiv Core
    • WorldPay ISO
  • Multiple Gateway Partners
    • WorldNet
    • BlueFin – P2Pe

Payment Acceptance Types

  • Keyed
  • Swipe
  • EMV
    • Chip – No Receipt
    • Chip and Signature
    • Chip and Pin
  • Pin Debit
  • Contactless NFC
    • Tap and Go
  • Contactless Wallets
    • Apple Pay
    • Samsung Pay
    • Google Pay
  • ACH
  • Gift Card
    • Multiple Platforms
  • Loyalty
    • Multiple Platforms

Enhanced Payment Solutions

  • Cash Discount
  • Cash Advance
  • Omnichannel Tokenization
    • Single Merchant Tokenization
    • Multi-Merchant Universal Tokenization
  • Recurring Billing
  • Incremental Billing
  • Membership billing
  • Convenience Solutions
    • Convenience Fee
    • Site Fee
    • Service Fee
  • P-Card Level 2 and Level 3
  • And a lot more