Infinite acceptance capabilities built into one master gateway.

Designed to provide limitless acceptance capabilities to merchants via flexible online software.

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All your systems can talk to each other.
Everest is the magical doorway that connects the entire world of processing payments. 

Everest acts as a “Payment Switch” that integrates into back and front end processors. These can include Global, TYSYS, ACP, as well as our proprietary back end processor. Everest provides gateway services, POS, Cloud Connect, terminal certification, tokenization and integration points to allow ISVs, VARs, and merchants a way to use our product suite without having to switch payment processors. The Everest platform combines retail and online, multi regional reporting dashboards, multiple front end processor capabilities, real time tokenization to multiple processors and is capable of providing transaction routing services to multiple back-end processors.

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We are registered as a direct processor for Visa Extended Access (EA), Visa Direct Exchange (DEX), and MasterCard Interface Processors (MIPs) with support of Indirect Processors (ISOs).


We provide several modules that help financial institutions, banks, acquirers, ISOs, ISVs and independent contractors manage and maintain all sponsoring banks, BINs and processing portfolios. These modules cover all aspects of acquiring, which include clearing for transactions, merchant deposits, daily balancing & reconciliation, interchange outgoing card brands, and integrated chargeback processing services.

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