Infinite acceptance capabilities built into one master gateway.

Designed to provide limitless acceptance capabilities to merchants via flexible online software.

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Finally. All your systems can talk to each other.
Everest is the magical doorway that connects the entire world of processing payments. 

Everest is the original gateway designed by APPS. It was designed to provide acceptance capabilities to merchants via online software. Everest boasts an array of customizable features, allowing specific verticals to support each and every merchant.

Over time, APPS has collaborated with service providers like you to deliver solutions that meet every aspect your business. We have integrated and certified into multiple shopping carts and payment processors. This allows the gateway to be agnostic to other providers, so our customers can use us as more than just the acquirer.

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Purchase Card Level 2
Purchase Card Level 3
Card Swipe, Pin Debit, & EMV (Chip & Pin)
Recurring Billing
Hosted Checkout Pages
Email and text Invoices
Custom Email & Print Receipts
Accounting Integrations for QuickBooks, Sage & Dynamics
ERP & CRM Integrations

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Platform Infrastructure

We are registered as a direct processor for Visa Extended Access (EA), Visa Direct Exchange (DEX), and MasterCard Interface Processors (MIPs) with support of Indirect Processors (ISOs).

Custom Modules

We provide several modules that help financial institutions, banks, acquirers, ISOs, ISVs and independent contractors manage and maintain all sponsoring banks, BINs and processing portfolios. These modules cover all aspects of acquiring, which include clearing for transactions, merchant deposits, daily balancing & reconciliation, interchange outgoing card brands, and integrated chargeback processing services.

Authorization & Capture

Everest acts as a “Payment Switch” that integrates into the back and front end processors, such as Global, TYSYS and ACP, as well as our proprietary back end processor. Everest provides gateway services, POS, Cloud Connect, terminal certification, tokenization and integration points to allow ISVs, VARs, and merchants a way to use our product suite without having to switch payment processors. The Everest platform combines retail and online, multi regional reporting dashboards, multiple front end processor capabilities, real time tokenization to multiple processors and is capable of providing transaction routing services to multiple back-end processors.

Out technology creates the ultimate omni-channel experience working with multiple front end processors and can perform transaction routing based on logic whether it’s by card association or by business segment. We manage all POS vendors, payment gateways and payment processor certifications, and have global capabilities enabled to support multiple merchant accounts using different acquirers across the world.

We provide integration points across back and front end processors, payment gateways, POS vendors, and third-party service providers to transmit files associated with authorization, capture and clearing files in formats including, Visa TC-33 and TYSYS Draft 256 file formats. Everest then translates authorization and capture clearing files to our back end processor which is translated into our native TC-57 format.

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Clear & Settle

Daily reconciliation with card associations, which includes transaction re-processing, outgoing interchange, merchant funding and facilitates all file transmissions. Clearing is used for data integrity purposes allowing you to re-process any transaction rejects that were misclassified due to improper account set up, re-process batches that were previously diverted due to fraud alerts, and optimize interchange qualifications for your merchants. APPS will handle all functionalities in-house, which would include merchant boarding, risk mitigation, ISO services, compliance and reporting.

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Reporting metrics provide management reporting tools that provide transparency to your processing portfolio and daily operations. As part of our ongoing efforts to support our customer base, not only merchants, but ISOs and ISVs, we have a proprietary merchant and ISO/ ISV reporting module that provides insights to the merchant’s business from multi-location hierarchies to transaction reconciliation tools and profitability reporting reducing clicks and providing full transparency and accessibility to all data.

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Risk & Compliance

PCI compliance allows you to maintain and adhere to card brands with an integrated solution that generates notifications to onboarding merchants. Merchants are walked through a wizard that answers questions based on the merchant’s processing. Once certified as compliant, merchants will be prompted annually to renew their certification.

Online applications can be sent directly to a merchant via secured online portal to make contractual acknowledgements and DocuSign electronic signatures. All Supplemental documentation is provided via a portal and feeds directly to the Underwriting workflow.

Automated underwriting provides a 50-point KYC tool that provides automated risk scoring to underwriters which performs file extractions integrated into workflows such as Credit Bureaus, TIN verification, and Match Inquiries. Compliance and monitoring can be performed in real-time, providing alerts which allows re-pricing of merchants accounts due to higher factors. Set velocities and thresholds can be set based off merchant criteria.

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Licensed Payment Software

Our data management software allows you access to a transaction repository that is available at all times giving you the ability to perform transaction research and auto reconciliation capabilities. Transaction errors, rejects, and reprocess capabilities work is provided through the data manager module. Portfolio Data Manager provides quick accessibility to reporting from transactional data, batches, chargeback data, downgrades, and interchange re-classifications via API on all of your institutional hierarchy. Web Services APIs are also available for ease of reporting and data distribution.

Our interface enables POS developers to process EMV and non-EMV bankcard transactions in a PCI compliant manner without the need for a .DLL to drive the hardware connected to the POS system. Instead, the POS-CC uses its proprietary payment cloud system to connect to Cash Register (ECR) with the POS terminal. Additionally, POS-CC supports BT, WIFI, GPRS, and CDMA connection methods.

POS Cloud Connect supports


Our Terminal Management System enables remote updates to terminals with new POS Software without taking the terminal offline to be downloaded. POS Connect is also designed to be coded to any gateway or processing platform that supports the EMV devices and certifications. When you need integration into an existing Point of Sale solution, POS Connect terminal applications allow true pay at the table, pay at the counter, and pay in the field solutions. Today we have more than 20 legacy and new SaaS ISV solutions. With this established solution, we also enable any ISV to quickly and easily add EMV and much more to their existing POS System in minutes and remove all of the long certification and EMV nightmares of a tradition EMV integration.

The TMS system provides a number of long-term advantages to merchants, ISVs, and processors since it helps everyone in the payment chain do more with these POS terminals, such as conduct remote updates, introduce new product offerings and marketing programs for greater retention, and data mining long term without the merchant ever needing to lift a finger to update the terminals themselves. With the TMS you can now do new application changes including updates, adding forms, or data collection screens, as well as allowing the merchant to make changes to their print receipts and logos.

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