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One login to connect multiple systems at your fingertips. Control like you’ve never had before.

Sage, Dynamics, QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Xero and others are all ideal solutions for managing your business operations, but they don’t provide the solutions you need to use them to their fully potential for maximizing sales, marketing and customer acquisition. Paynomix is that answer, it enables these solutions, and helps to expand them from the back of the house to the front of the house.

Today, you cannot just hand over your account password to every employee who needs to create an invoice, sales receipt, add a new product, generate a sale and make a payment. Most likely, your current solution is a standalone terminal by the phone, or multiple points of sale terminals connected to your cash register not integrated into your accounting solution, or paper and emailed pdf invoices with stapled payment receipts sitting on a desk in accounting or the business owners desk. It sounds messy because it is.

What if you could keep that process smooth—and still preserve your financial security? Paynomix gives you that freedom to focus on your business, not just your books.

Supported Payment Types

Keyed, Swipe, Card Present, EMV, Pin-Debit, Check 21, ACH, Retail and Restaurant with Tip, Purchase Card Level 2 and Level 3, Tokenization, Recurring, International Currencies, and more.

Developer API’s

ISV and Developers can access API’s to push and pull invoices, items and payment data from the Accounting and ERP platforms.

Solutions Supported

QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks (Premier, Pro & Enterprise), QuickBooks Point of Sale Version 10,11,12,18, Xero, FreshBooks, Sage 50 Sage 100.

Gateways and Processors

All Major processing platforms supported, more then 15 gateways, 40 pos terminals, as well as Droid and IOS applications.

Paynomix at its core is a SaaS platform that connects into many different accounting and ERP platforms and provides merchants with the ability to access data in those systems from the Paynomix SaaS environment.

Why is this important?
Accounting and ERP systems are the financial backbone of any company, and complete and accurate accounting of products and services being sold is its lifeblood.

Why is Paynomix important?
Paynomix automates Sales, Marketing, and Inventory with embed payments and invoicing. Because of the critical nature of the Accounting and ERP systems, only select accounting people, or in most small business cases, only the owner and CPA will access these systems. Because of this, many mistakes and inefficiencies are created in the sales and accounting process. In most small businesses, the sales team uses Word or Excel to create an invoice, and a POS terminal or VPOS to key in the credit card or ACH payment, or resort to checks and credit card receipts stapled to invoices, placed on the CPA or owners desk for entry into the accounting system.

Regardless of payments being embed into many accounting and ERP platforms that are only selectively used, as only the owner, CPA or accounting team can be in these systems.

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What does Paynomix do?

Paynomix provides merchants with real-time Omnichannel payment acceptance solution with hierarchy permission controls, reporting dashboard, sales, and inventory tracking platform that is both embed into your ERP and Accounting platform, as well as designed to push and pull data in real-time from our systems into your own SaaS management platform that you can enable your sales, marketing and other teams to use. Therefore, for the first time allowing merchants to make sales, create invoices and take payments and have them tied directly into your ERP and Accounting system, or have them staged for review using the hierarch permission and sales review tools within the platform.

The merchants suite of tools that are connected into their Accounting or ERP platform, regardless of it being locally installed, Server installed, or SaaS based. This then allows a merchants to assign hierarchy permission access to select information in the company’s Accounting or ERP platform, without actually being in it, so your employees don’t have access to other critical data in your system.

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An elegant solution.

All payment types are combined into one usable format accessible via SaaS, IOS, Android and Windows on virtually any device.

This gives you simple frictionless control of your business while maintaining existing legacy Accounting and Payment Products you already have in place.

  • Locally and Server Installed Accounting Software
    • Simple software plug is installed (Less then 15 seconds)
    • Embedded Platform:
      • payment checkout with P-Card, Tokenization, Recurring Billing, Membership billing, and Email / Text messaging
    • SaaS Platform:
      • Hierarchy permission, staging review, payment checkout with P-Card, Tokenization, Recurring Billing, Membership billing, and Email / Text messaging
    • IOS and Droid Applications
  • SaaS Based Accounting Software
    • Connect using API Keys and password
    • SaaS Platform:
      • Hierarchy permission, staging review, payment checkout with P-Card, Tokenization, Recurring Billing, Membership billing, and Email / Text messaging
    • IOS and Droid Applications
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What kind of Payment and Invoicing solutions are in the platform?

•  Embed Payment Checkout
•  SaaS Payment and Inventory Portal
•  Point of Sale Integration
•  Shopping Cart Inventory
•  Membership / Customer Manager
•  Iframe Payment screens
•  Text and Email Invoicing

Efficiency, time savings & cost reduction

The payments industry is  under tremendous pressure from  technology companies to create  better consumer experiences (CX),  speed up the flow of cash, automate transactions, and rapidly develop  and deploy cost effective solutions  with a low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Accounting Integrations

QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks (Premier, Pro & Enterprise), QuickBooks Point Of Sale (Version 10,11,12,18), Xero, FreshBooks, Sage 50, and Sage 100

Payment Processor & Gateways Supported

Paynomix works with all the major payment processing platforms and payment gateway providers, including those listed below.

Paynomix works with the following payment processing platforms

I am a Merchant

I am a Reseller

I am an ISV

New Features for ISV’s

SaaS – Data Exchange Connector Platform

This system allows the SaaS to connect to these systems to push and pull customers, products, services, Invoices and other Data that is  accessed through credentialed permissions by any resource within an Organization through the SaaS UI Business Management Tools.

SaaS Data Management Tools

We have designed a suite of Business Management Tools to help Companies facilitate AR and AP visualization, creation. modification, tracking, reporting and payment enablement from On Premises and Off Premises Accounting and ERP client system.

  • “Data Exchange Connector (DEC)” is installed and connects the accounting and ERP data into the Business Management Tools platform
  • On Premises and Off Premises Integrations
  • SaaS, IOS, and Droid

Payment Facilitator Processing

Paynomix works with several payment facilitator platforms, including Stripe.  Within Paynomix is its own Payment Facilitator platform tools that Resellers, ISV’s and Developers can use with our Accounting and ERP integrations, or use the platform for your own integrations as well.

  • Partner, Reseller, Merchant Booking and Board
  • Revenue, and Residuals Payment tracking and reporting
  • Product enablement, merchant enablement system
  • Email, text messaging system
  • Merchant Boarding

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