Seamlessly move your data from one gateway to another & from one processor to another

At APPS we have designed our platform to support many unique features often frowned upon by the traditional processing companys.  At our core is our ability to provide you with our Omni-Channel Tokenization platform, enabling you to connect with, and process payments from your customer wherever they are in your ecosystem.  Just as important, we provide you with the access you need, when you need it to YOUR data.  Almost any processor will provide you the ability to store your Payment Data, but will they return it to you when you need it most.  The assumption is yes, but that is because you forgot to ask them.

Retrieving data from a gateway or processing platform is a far more arduous they you could imagine.   While you may think you own that data, you don’t necessarily have the right to move it, or the ability to.  There are no Payment Data Export buttons in any gateway, or processor reporting system.  You have to work your way through their customer service, legal and other teams to find a way to get access to your data, and then go through a time consuming and often costly transfer of the data to another certified PCI provider.  Unless you are a PCI Level 1 company, they will not send you your data.  These are all things you need to consider when choosing your Tokenization partner.

To that end, we have designed our system to help you quickly and seamlessly move your data from one gateway to another, and from one processor to another.  We have done this by building our systems to house and maintain the data so that it can be directed to where you want it to go.

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