Data accessible at your fingertips

Standardized payment processing reports with access to real-time and historical information, so that you and your merchants gain insights into market trends and business performance.

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Full access to comprehensive data direct from the platform

Reports are accessed from an online portal, providing single sign-on transparency to all transaction data, business units and down lines.

And with full access to comprehensive data direct from the platform, we have tremendous flexibility to offer custom-tailored reporting, however and whenever you and your merchants want it, online or delivered to your inbox.

Have a specific format? Need multi-location data? Want SMS text or email notifications? No problem. APPS has you covered.

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Standard Reporting

  • Transaction Logs
  • Batch Information
  • Settlement Detail
  • Deposit Reconciliation
  • Chargeback Statistics
  • Merchant Statements

Custom Reporting

  • Company
  • Region/Department/Location
  • Association Number
  • Store Number
  • Terminal Number
  • Downline Entity

Reporting Frequency

  • Real Time
  • Daily
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Yearly
  • Year-to-Date