Our proprietary CRM is designed to be simple, merchant centric, and give you reach into every area of your high profile merchant accounts. From onboarding to compliance, underwriting to automated deployments: APPSos puts every tool within easy reach. 

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A complete, all-access merchant and transactional management system.

Acquiring & managing merchants has never been easier. Or more robust. From onboarding to booking, from point of payment to disbursement of funds.  APPSos is a singular, elegant platform that aggregates & connects all your data throughout the complex world of processing.

Say goodbye to entangled integrations. APPSos opens the doors to all your platforms and translates the data into one language. Say sayonara to multiple logins to complete a single task. APPSos gives you one login for every function of processing. Say chao to infinitely complex platforms and systems. Three clicks gets you anywhere you need to go.

Our proprietary merchant and ISO/ISV reporting module provides insights to the merchant’s business, from multi-location hierarchies to transaction reconciliation tools and profitability reporting. All easily accessible in a simplified format while providing full transparency and accessibility to all data.

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Reporting Tools & Metrics

Reporting metrics provide you Management Reporting Tools that provide transparency to your processing portfolio and daily operations. As part of our ongoing efforts to support our customer base, not only merchants but ISOs and ISVs as well, we have a proprietary Merchant and ISO/ ISV Reporting Module.  Our reporting platform provides insights to the merchant’s business from multi-location hierarchies to transaction reconciliation tools, as well as Profitability Reporting reducing clicks and providing full transparency and accessibility to all data.


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White Label Branding

White Label any of the products with your brands and themes making it uniform to any client’s profile. You can provide your merchants their own online merchant reporting portal which supports online services and helps you communicate to your merchant.

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Flexible Hierarchy setup gives the user the ability to setup endless hierarchies which allows you to build your downline and track commissions. Our User Management allows for multi-location reporting to be created by user basis giving the flexibility of drilling down to different segments of business and companies.

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Customizable Dashboards

Customizable Dashboards provide quick processing snap shots of data with the ability for a user to control what they would like to see upon logging in. The user has a listing of canned reports that can easily be arranged providing drag and drop capabilities then previewing before setting defaults.

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User Management

Setting up single or multi-location reporting for one merchant login is accessible within your hierarchy. You have the ability to create and maintain user access to your merchants with aggregated reporting that provides a quick snapshot across all of the merchants under one login.

Merchant Management

Merchant Management System helps to manage and maintain your merchant by updating information and adding notes for historical purposes and provides tools such as onboarding merchants, integrated compliance & underwriting tools, and automated deployments.

Workflow Management

Workflow Management capabilities keep you informed of when merchant applications have been submitted and sent to various departments providing system notifications. Reporting metrics provide you Management Reporting Tools providing transparency to your processing portfolio and daily operations.

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Enhanced Reporting

Reconciliation of incoming payments is complex, time consuming, often disorganized and confusing. Therefore access to raw transaction data is critical to prevent lost revenues, customer disputes, at a minimum. This activity becomes even more challenging with multiple payment providers, when trying to facilitate correct audit trails. So we designed our platform, where we have normalized, and interpreted the data in order to provide our clients with access to the core clearing and settlement data needed to enable and teach our clients how to maximize the clearing of their transactions.

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System Notifications

Notifications will be generated when a merchant account status changes, and can also send notifications of first transaction, no batches longer than a certain period, or whenever a note is left on a merchant record due to a support call. SMS Text Messaging and Push Notifications keep you in the loop if you are away from your desktop.

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Integrator Center

Our Developer Center provides centralized API’s through a special user experience that provides simple-to-read multiple programming languages with the ability to generate code snippets for fast and hassle-free integrations.

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Profitability Commissions Mapping

Fee Item Utilities map and perform data imports from different processors, giving you the ability to create a commissions report for ISO/ ISV/ agent payouts. This is agnostic to all processors and is easily customizable.


Creating customized Merchant Statements and branding is easily available through our tools. You can generate personalized cover letters, customized graphics & create schedules to go out monthly, quarterly, or even annually to your merchants.


We provide many methods to handle cardholder disputes, whether you are a merchant responding through our online portal, using mobile device, or if you are a chargeback management company. Easily customize based on your needs.

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PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance allows you to maintain and adhere to Card Brands with an integrated solution that generates notifications to onboarded merchants. They are walked through a wizard that answers questions based on the merchant’s processing. Once Certified, merchants will be prompted annually to renew certification.

Online Applications can be sent to a merchant via secured online portal to make contractual acknowledgements and DocuSign electronic signatures. All Supplemental documentation is provided via a portal and feeds directly to the Underwriting workflow.

Automated Underwriting provides a 50-Point KYC tool that provides automated risk scoring to Underwriters which performs file extractions integrated into workflows such as Credit Bureaus, TIN Verification, and Match Inquiries.

Compliance and monitoring can be performed in real-time, providing alerts which allows re-pricing of merchant accounts due to higher risk factors. Set velocities and thresholds can be set based off merchant criteria.

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Webhook APIs

Robust Self-Servicing APIs provide integration resources for large-scale clients and the ever-demanding technical requirements of VAR and SaaS partners. Our self-servicing APIs deliver Merchant Intake, Reporting, Chargeback Disputes, and our Payment Switch. We can deliver data from the first authorization all the way to the settlement of the transaction to the merchant’s depositories eliminating SFTP File Transmissions.

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Reporting APIs

Creating customized Merchant Statements and branding is easily available through tools that we provide. You can generate personalized cover letters, customized graphics and create schedules to go out monthly, quarterly or even annual to your merchants.

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