APPS Acquired by Stax

Atlantic-Pacific Processing Systems (APPS) is now part of Stax Payments.

Stax Payments, a leading payment technology provider, announced its acquisition of Atlantic-Pacific Processing Systems (APPS) creating an end-to-end, seamless payment processing platform. The integration of APPS marks a significant expansion of Stax’s technology stack, giving partners and merchants flexible, customizable options for their payment processing needs on one cohesive platform.

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APPS Atlantic-Pacific Processing Systems

APPS digital platform delivers high end optimization & real-time data
to provide greater visibility into payment analytics.
We offer industry leading, end-to-end, scalable processing solutions in line with your growth strategy.

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Our proprietary merchant, agent, ISO, & BIN management platform provides a unique, one-stop, white label ready solution. With one login you can board, process, and access to all your reporting requirements. A sales agent can submit an application with supporting documents and keep track of the underwriting & approval process. Your team can access & manage all of your merchant accounts, run statements, streamline chargebacks, and review all processing history in real time.

Payment solutions to fit every business model

All our solutions are designed to help merchants succeed and compete in a world of tremendous pressure to create better consumer experiences, speed up cashflow, automate processes, and rapidly develop/ deploy cost effective solutions with a low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). We are here to help.


BINs, ISOs, ISVs, & Software Partners


Industries & verticals supported


Payment methods available worldwide


Countries & currencies enabled for payment acceptance


BINs, ISOs, ISVs, & Software Partners


Industries & verticals supported


Payment methods available worldwide


Countries & currencies enabled for payment acceptance

Paynomix has built a SaaS Platform that connects multiple disparate Legacy and SaaS environments together, providing real-time access to the data in these platforms and business management tools. Paynomix interacts with these platforms to create, edit, modify, and add to them using API and UI solutions. Enable your entire company with our SaaS platform and hierarchy permission to accept any kind of payment using our email and text invoice platform, customer membership, shopping cart, mobile, POS Terminal Solutions and others.

Our newest Payment Gateway is focused around delivering a true global Omni-Channel payment experience. We have encapsulated our Universal Tokenization Platform and Omni-Channel payment system into a fully PCI-DSS Level 1 Certified gateway.  This platform provides a truly unique experience for our merchants by enabling them to accept and process payments both online and offline, collect and store the customers payment and PII data in a secured way, and then have full access to that data when and where you need it.  We offer several features as part of our SaaS user-friendly experience to see, store, modify and use their customers payment data as need.

Developer / ISV Cloud Payment Platform

Code in minutes, live in less then an hour. Our JSON Cloud Payment Platform is designed to work with multiple POS Terminal providers. Have the ability to use almost every PAX terminal, from our Cloud to every Processing Platform. EMV, NFC, TAP, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google fully enabled.

Our Terminal Management System (TMS), allows our partners and developers to communicate with all of your deployed terminals in the field in real-time, make changes on the fly, add new checkout screens, or design & deploy your own applications. Build new solutions, add new integrations (such as Gift Card or Loyalty programs) to POS Terminals without taking the terminal offline to be downloaded.

Rapidly build production-ready integrations with our simple, robust platform. APPS solutions are elegantly built and enable flexible, developer friendly integrations. Using APPS developer platform means less maintenance for legacy systems and more focus new technology that moves at the speed that our evolving marketplace demands.

Payment solutions for all businesses.

Onmi-channel payment solutions to fit the needs of every company. Our proprietary solutions evolve to meet the needs of changing global payment ecosystem.


Contactless payment solutions that enable consumers to pay for goods and services using their debit or credit cards using RFID, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, QR Codes and more, without the need to swipe or insert the card


Ideal for recurring billing, subscription, and token billing. ACH is a great low-cost alternative solution for billing your existing clients.  Now with our Mobile and Web-Based VPOS solutions you can take ACH and Checks anytime and anywhere


Not all gateways are made the same. Finding the right gateway, or connecting your customer facing software to the right platform can be a difficult task. We support more than 100 gateways, from eCommerce, to EMV and from Domestic to International processing.


Looking for the right Shopping Cart, CRM, ERP, Accounting, or other solution for your business, we work with most of them, and can help you decide which one is best, or test drive several before you decide.


Our suite of terminals includes Basic Stand Aline devices to full POS Systems. Our new terminal solutions come with touch screens, NFC, ApplyPay, ACH, Gift and Loyalty built right in as well, Complete Point of Sale software programs.


Looking for B2B, B2G, P-Card and other solutions: See our suite of integrated products and services.  Designed to meet the needs of businesses working with other businesses.  P-card level 2 and 3 VPOS, invoice and API’s in addition to seamless integrations into top ERP and accounting systems.

    • QuickBooks – QBS Online, Desktop, Enterprise, Financial and Point of Sale
    • Sage 50, Sage 100, Sage 300, and Sage ERP
    • Microsoft Dynamics 365
    • FreshBooks
    • Xero
    • And many more

Paynomix has designed a suite of Business Management Tools to help companies facilitate AR and AP visualization, creation. modification, tracking, reporting and payment enablement from on premises and off premises accounting and ERP client systems.


The key to a successful Omnichannel adoption and use is driven by creating a solid seamless Universal Tokenization platform that not only supports PAN data but also supports PII and custom fields.   To accomplish this all transactions, MUST run through a single centralized data collection point.  The reality is that happens every single day all day long on a POS terminal.

Therefore, we took this opportunity to rethink the traditional checkout flow, the change in processes needed at the checkout and how to bring new processes and procedures into play and solve the bigger problem, building a true Omnichannel experience between the merchant and its customers.

Once data has been collected through a traditional POS terminal Checkout, the data is then tokenized and stored in our Tokenization Platform and the merchant can then tie that data to other applications such as their Website or Mobile checkout platform.

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Our payment solutions run on stable yet agile platforms that evolve at the speed that the market demands. The world of payment processing is changing everyday, and you need technology that adapts to meet the necessities of your business. The APPS technology team consists of the most advanced developers in the industry, bringing to the table innovation and a rock solid platform that runs smoothly and on-time.

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